PAT Testing

We are committed to helping our customers with the whole PAT Testing process, so if you're looking for a professional PAT Testing service at a competitive price, DS Walsh Ltd can help. We'll provide you with a complete package of tests and results to comply with current Health & Safety legislation.

Who needs PAT Testing?

Any business - large or small - that deals with the public must have their electrical equipment tested. This includes schools, libraries, clinics, restaurants, bars, hospitals, public office organisations, and individual traders such as landlords, mobile hairdressers, photographers etc.

How much does PAT Testing cost?

Our rates are very competitive and, for your convenience, we can also PAT test your equipment in the evenings or weekends.

Our client base comprises schools, colleges, hair salons, office blocks, landlords, workshops, restaurants and more.

How many items can be PAT Tested?

Whether you have 10 or 1,000 items to PAT Test, our skilled electricians are ready to help.